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About Us


Olentia Sapo was inspired by a desire to introduce more natural, and homemade products into our skin, hair and body care routine. As an artist, creative flare is a must! I enjoy mixing fragrances to create unique scents, and molds to create fun Soap shapes.

Soaps are Melt & Pour processed so that they can be used immediately. Essential oils are used for most fragrances and dried herbs and flowers are added to provide color and fragrance. Various oils added for extra moisture.

Candles are Soy Wax, oil fragrance, herbs, natural wood wicks, and no dyes.

Fragrance sprays are 3 ingredients, plus dried petals.

Body butters are made from raw unrefined she butter, raw cocoa butter, oils for moisture and fragrance.

I will be selling soap tomorrow from 10a
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