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Crushing Herbs

I don't know about y'all but Ragwood season is upon us and I want to be prepared! Sinus pressure puts me out like a whiny baby and over the counter treatments make my heart race, so my favorite Go-To has always been Eucalyptus and all things Mint. From adding a little Eucalyptus oil to a hot bath to tying Fresh Eucalyptus around my shower head, it is the most natural way to open up those sinuses.

My other favorite is sea salt. The sea water and air acts as natural antihistamines and a natural sinus cleanse. I always feel refreshed and clear after a swim in the gulf! Unfortunately, we can't bring that sea water home with us, so I decided to create the next best thing, a Sea Salt Sinus Steam!

This mixture of Dead Sea Salt, Dried Botanicals and oils create a custom blend of an at-home decongestant. Fragrant, with a hint of lavender and rosemary for relaxation and mint to open those sinuses.

Click on the link to purchase in my Etsy shop!

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